Update (17th September): check out the official event page.

On October 8th I’ll be joining an online panel of experts in Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery hosted by Electric Cloud who have done large Continuous Delivery projects for organizations like SpaceX, Cisco, GE and E*TRADE.

In the online hangout, myself and the other panelists will discuss how to deliver better software continuously, what are the obstacles on Agile adoption, what DevOps mean to us and how is the journey to get to Continuous Delivery, passing through Continuous Integration and deployment automation.

Electric Cloud will share their experience implementing Continuous Delivery at a large scale, and offer quick wins anyone can implement to accelerate software delivery. It will be a “grass roots” discussion of Continuous Delivery and how/to what extent we can implement it.

I am sure the hangout will be amazing. The people at Electric Cloud is organizing this event as craftsmen: with high standards for the discussion quality. The panelists include experts with different backgrounds in a diverse array of industries and from different countries.

Join us in the hangout, and be sure to fill out the short survey on the state of software delivery - we’ll review the results in the panel discussion.